Thursday, March 14, 2019

Copper Mountain day 5

Colin decided to not ski today . . . I was fine paying for another day, but he is exhausted and the weather is not so great.  Three days of skiing takes a lot of energy, but he has had a blast!  Me, not so much, but I have managed to try many of the restaurants around the village and just enjoyed hanging out in the condo each day.  I was surprised that I did not get cabin fever after so many days in the same place and no planned activities for me.  My daily walks to center village have been great too.  You know what else has been nice?  Binge watching television after two months of cable cutting.  I have not missed it, but it was fun to catch up on some of my mindless shows.  Just like our trip started we took a walk to center village for a late lunch/early dinner at Ten Mile Tavern an one last sugar fix from Sugar Lips Donuts . . .
I sure am going to miss all this snow . . .
The bomb cyclone has moved eastward so the roads are back open which is great.  We have a late afternoon shuttle from Copper Mountain back to Denver airport for our flight home.  The main highways were fine but as soon as we were on the side roads they were still awful.  There were cars left in the middle of the streets because they were stuck.  I am beyond words thrilled I did not have a rental car to drive back!  As we were a couple miles from the airport, our shuttle van was rear ended . . . thankfully no one was hurt and they sent another van to make sure no one missed their flights.

It has been a great Spring Break!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Copper Mountain day 4

So wake up is getting a bit harder or it might be the fact that he is annoyed with me taking a photo each morning?
Last night the area was hit hard with snow!  The snow was already amazing but now it is just over the top crazy!  The town of Denver is basically shut down due to the bomb cyclone.  The highway from Copper Mountain to Denver Airport is closed so I am glad we have a couple more days.  Hopefully the roads clear before our flight home.  I mean the snow is insane!  There is absolutely no way there will be snow shoe tours today so I decided to go have breakfast in center village . . . my walk was a bit different today . . .
. . . still beautiful but not a clear blue sky sunny day and the mountains are hard to see.  Breakfast was at Toast & Co. which looked cute and the menu was good too.  I picked a table by the window and enjoyed the snow.  There aren't many people out and about today.  My avocado toast and fresh fruit were amazing too!
 I picked up a few snacks for tonight and the snow is coming down . . .
I can't imagine skiing in this weather.  Today might be his last day to ski . . . he said the conditions were not that bad but it wasn't as fun as yesterday.  Thankfully he had the same instructor so they went a did some moguls and jumps which had him SO excited!
Time: 6 hours 28 minutes
Vertical Feet:  11,860
Miles:  14.76
Speed:  4.1 mph

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Copper Mountain day 3

Colin was a bit slower today but still super eager too!
He has a new instructor today that is young so he is super excited!  I have decided to just hang out and binge watch TV until my afternoon snow shoe tour!  Hey, of course I do wash clothes and clean up around the condo too.

Well it is beginning to feel like a broken record . . . snow shoe tours cancelled again!  Oh well, there is always tomorrow, right?  I mean I packed these snow shoes in my suitcase and the thought of not getting to use them is annoying!
I knew that Colin would be exhausted by the time ski school was over.  I was so right . . . he found the couch and did not get up for hours.  Being the nice mom that I can be sometimes, I walked to pick up dinner at A-Lift Pizza.  The views are still awesome . . .
It was a bit of a hike (like a mile one way) but since I haven't really done any exercise, I figured why not?  It is beyond center village and a bit hard to find so I knew it had to be good.  By the time I got back, I was exhausted so decided to eat on the deck because Colin had the fireplace blazing hot . . .
. . . until the snow starting coming from the deck above on my head.  Oh well!

Day 2 of Ski School looked busy!  He absolutely loved his instructor because he took them to do races and an obstacle course . . . I didn't ask specific questions because the thought of him doing jumps and all that is a bit scary to me!
Time: 6 hours 27 minutes
Vertical Feet:  12,489
Miles:  16.92
Speed:  4.5 mph

Monday, March 11, 2019

Copper Mountain day 2

Colin was up and ready to go!  He hasn't skied in over 2 years so he is super excited.
Since I don't ski, Colin's only option is to go to ski school.  He doesn't mind and has always had excellent instructors.  What I found funny was this is his class . . .
4 teen boys and 2 young girls!  I told him the girls might out ski the teen boys.  He told me eventually the two girls were moved to a different group and it was just the teen boys.  After I dropped him off, I went back to the condo to clean and wash clothes . . . I know it's vacation right?  My snow shoe tour was cancelled today due to the trails being buried under the snow from the avalanche so put my name on the list for tomorrow.  I made my daily trek to town for lunch  . . .
I just love the snow . . . it is a beautiful sunny day.  I had lunch at Mahi's Street Taco . . .   
I had the blackened mahi-mahi and forager which was my favorite.  For a ski town, it was a quick, cheap place to eat!

One thing about the ski school here that I really like is that each kid is equipped with a tracking device.  At previous ski schools (Breckenridge and Keystone) they did not do this but tracked on an app that half the time did not work and Colin didn't have a cell phone until recently.  At the end of the day you can look at your results too . . .
Time: 6 hours 25 minutes
Vertical Feet:  12,864
Miles:  17.38
Speed:  4.3 mph

Guess who is super tired tonight?

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Copper Mountain day 1

Today we adjust to the altitude!  I usually have a bigger problem than Colin and I don't go on the mountain tops!  He did not mind a day to hang out and watch TV since we have cut cable at our house!  The only thing we must do today is pick up skis for Colin.  It is a great to just chill out and relax!  We did make the trek to center village . . .
We had lunch at Eagle BBQ . . . I had brisket chili that was delicious!
Colin can't wait to hit the slopes tomorrow.  I am just amazed at how few people are here!
These cool fire pits are great for a quick stop to warm your hands and body!
Off we go to pick up Colin's skis for the week . . . I signed up for a free snow shoe tour too!

Saturday, March 9, 2019

to Copper Mountain, Colorado

We have arrived for Spring Break 2019!  Colin wanted to go skiing so skiing we a go.  It is not very often that I let him pick our trips and every aspect of this trip is what he wants to do!  I am not a fan of skiing.  I have tried twice and neither experience was great so for me I will hang out and hopefully find some trails to put my snow shoes to good use!

Getting here has been an adventure.  It was delay after delay with a bad decision and then mother nature put her spin on it with an avalanche blocking the highway to get to our destination.  BUT we have arrived and look forward to a few days of fun in the snow!  This will be the first time we have been on a trip and stayed at the same place for 5 days without moving . . . not very often does this happen.

Usually we are with our friends and rent a car but since it was just the two of us we rode the shuttle from Denver which was really nice and stress free plus it was cheaper than renting a car!  We also rented a condo instead of staying at a hotel which will be nice to have space to spread out.  The condo could not be any nicer and the location is perfect too!  I found it on vrbo and is located in The Cirque.  I had been watching for weeks for something near the ski school and this opened up for a really great price.  Let me say nothing is cheap when it comes to skiing!  I swear it is always one of  our most expensive vacations.   It took Colin a hot minute to crank on the fireplace!
The snow is insane too!  A view from the very large balcony . . .
We quickly dropped our bags and headed to center village for food.  The walk was easy and all the snow made it even more fun!
We had a late lunch/early dinner at Ten Mile Tavern . . . the roasted beets and red pepper bisque were just what I needed.
. . . and dessert at Sugar Lips Mini Donuts . . . so yummy and super sweet!
We picked up a few groceries at McCoy's Mountain Market so we would have breakfast and snacks in the condo.  My original plan was to take the shuttle bus to a grocery store in Frisco but with the crazy weather I was afraid there might be another avalanche and we would be stuck away from the condo.  It worked out just fine but just another thing for me to worry about.  We made the quick walk back to west village as it was getting dark and did not want to get lost.  It has been a great start so far!

Saturday, February 2, 2019

42 day 'trip'

It feels like forever since we were on an adventure or had uninterrupted sleep or had time to just do anything.  So we didn't actually go on a trip for 42 days but have been on a 42 day 'trip' with these little guys . . .
Yes, it is that time of year where we put everything in our lives on hold except for school/work.  For the third year in a row our house is controlled by Colin's 52 show broiler chicks.  They arrived just as Colin was taking his last semester exam and released for Christmas Break; isn't that nice!
We were super busy taking care of these guys 24 hours a day 7 days a week . . . they were checked on a lot . . . seriously you can not imagine!  I can not even tell you how many times I woke up in the middle of the night (multiple times) to check on them; it was worse than having a newborn baby and puppy.  The first few weeks we took shifts of on the hour (Colin) and half hour (Heidi) and as time went on and we headed back to school/work then my parents checked on them at least every 2 to 3 hours while we were at school/work.  I tell you it takes a village!
In the end we went from day 1 . . .
. . . to day 9 . . .
. . . to day 15 . . .
. . . to day 28 . . .
. . . to day 38 . . .
 . . . to day 42 show day . . .
. . . to THIS . . .
I think we are both still in a bit of shock!  Out of 79 pens (a pen is 3 chickens), Colin's best pen of chickens were 1st place also known as Grand Champion.  I don't know who was more excited?  The other pen of birds placed 11th; so both pens were very good!  We worked hard . . . me, him, my parents . . . we all put in a lot of time and energy to care for these birds.  Of course Colin had an amazing teacher that spent many days stopping by our house to check on them, give advice and suggestions, and picked the pens to take to show.  I really don't know what we would have done without Mrs. Snyder!

Now how many days until we get to go on a real trip?

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Utah Road Trip day 6

Today is the last official day of our Utah Road Trip.  We will head back to Texas to spend Thanksgiving with our family and a few days of nothing but being lazy too.  It was fun and quick but was able to see several places on our list.  Before we left Zion National Park, we took the shuttle to the visitor center to watch the movie and turn in the Junior Ranger book.  I am glad we are leaving as the park was already packed.  We quickly loaded the car and hit the road.  It was funny to us that in less than a hour of driving we were in three states . . .
When we are at home we are in the same county in that length of time!  We did not have any plans set in stone for the day except to catch our flight home around midnight.  Las Vegas isn't the best place to visit with a kid, and Colin was not impressed either . . . hopefully he still feels that way in a few years.  I have been to Vegas several times but never really get off the strip.  I have always wanted to visit the Neon Museum so we went.  I thought it was a bit expensive but fun to see the old signs up close.
I would recommend going at night so you can see the lights on the signs.  Our next stop was to the Welcome to Las Vegas sign.  The line was insane, and Colin was not having it so we went around the line and stood off to the side . . .
It worked . . . not the greatest photo but proof we were there.  The best part was we were finished in less than 5 minutes!  I had booked us a room (same place as last week) for the night even though we had a very late flight home so we could hang out and relax.  Apparently all my complaining last week got me a not so great room.  I booked a room that was suppose to be city/strip view and it was but not exactly what I saw online . . . this is what we got . . .
And to get this I had to put my camera out the narrow window opening and aim towards the strip.  Oh well it didn't really matter as the room was only $48, and we fly home in less than 8 hours.  Once it was dark we headed across the street for dinner at Shake Shack.
You know what was weird?  I did not spend one cent on the slot machines but we are coming home with three more Junior Ranger badges!